• Several common rubber identification methods

    1. Resistance to medium weight gain test The finished product can be sampled, soaked in one or several selected media, weighed after a certain temperature and time, and the type of material can be inferred according to the weight change rate and the hardness change rate. For example, immersed in ...
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  • Introduction of rubber extruder and extruder type

    Introduction of rubber extruder and extruder type

    Introduction of rubber extruder Rubber extruder is a basic equipment in the rubber industry and one of the key equipments affecting product quality. It plays a very important role in the production process of tires and rubber products. The development of foreign rubber extruders has experienced ...
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  • The Rubber Vulcameter

    1. The function of the rubber vulcanizer The rubber vulcanization tester (referred to as the vulcanizer) is used to analyze and measure the scorch time, positive vulcanization time, vulcanization rate, viscoelastic modulus and vulcanization flat period of the rubber vulcanization process. Resear...
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  • The operation process and requirements of the close mixer

    The operation process and requirements of the close mixer

    1. The first start after stopping for a long time should be carried out according to the requirements of the above-mentioned idling test and load test run. For the swing type discharge door, there are two bolts on both sides of the discharge door to prevent the discharge from opening when parke...
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  • Vulcanizing machine maintenance

    As a conveyor belt joint tool, the vulcanizer should be maintained and maintained like other tools during and after use to prolong its service life. At present, the vulcanizing machine produced by our company has a service life of 8 years as long as it is used and maintained properly. For more de...
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  • The effect of vulcanization on the structure and properties of rubber

      The effect of vulcanization on structure and properties:     In the production process of rubber products, vulcanization is the last processing step. In this process, the rubber undergoes a series of complex chemical reactions, changing from a linear structure to a body-shaped structure, losing...
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  • How to maintain the flat vulcanizer

    Preparations 1. Check the amount of hydraulic oil before use. The height of hydraulic oil is 2/3 of the height of the lower machine base. When the amount of oil is insufficient, it should be added in time. The oil must be finely filtered before injection. Add pure 20# hydraulic oil into the oil f...
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  • Features and components of rubber preforming machine

    The rubber preforming machine is a high-precision and high-efficiency rubber blank making equipment. It can produce various medium and high hardness rubber blanks in various shapes, and the rubber blank has high precision and no bubbles. It is suitable for the production of rubber miscellaneous p...
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  • Compounding of rubber part 2

    Most units and factories use open rubber mixers. Its biggest feature is that it has great flexibility and mobility, and is especially suitable for the mixing of frequent rubber variants, hard rubber, sponge rubber, etc. When mixing with an open mill, the order of dosing is particularly important....
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  • Correct use of Rubber Roller CNC Grinder Machine

    Correct use of Rubber Roller CNC Grinder Machine

    PCM-CNC series CNC turning and grinding machines are specially designed to meet the special processing needs of rubber rollers. Advanced and unique operating system, easy to learn and easy to master without any professional knowledge. When you have it, the processing of various shapes such as par...
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  • Compounding of rubber part 1

    Mixing is one of the most important and complex steps in rubber processing. It is also one of the processes most prone to quality fluctuations. The quality of the rubber compound directly affects the quality of the product. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of rubber mixing. As a r...
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  • Introduction of rubber processing technology and production process

    1. Basic process flow There are many kinds of rubber products, but the production process is basically the same. The basic process of rubber products with general solid rubber-raw rubber as raw material includes six basic processes: plasticizing, mixing, calendering, extrusion, molding and vulcan...
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